Thursday, June 15, 2006

competition time!!!1!!

Today I sent my "Last call" movie to a 2minute competition that is held by a video news website in greece. It is the first competition I enter with my own work and I hope I get the prize, an HDV camera by Sony (not the FX or Z model but the smaller consumer model).
If interested you can find my movie at by entering kostas karachalios as the search query.
When the video gallery on the site is ready I will include a link to my and other works.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

the epitome of portability

I just read about the new N93 smart-phone. The best company on a trip. Both DVD quality video capture (which means 720x480@30i in MPEG2) and 3x optical zoom and Series60 functionality.If it had 480p it would be just so much geeky and hi-tech, it wouldn't leave the labs.
I believe the feature that beats the Sony-Ericsson phone with the 2Mpx camera and auto focus is not the more capable 3Mpx camera neither the optical zoom. It is the ability to use the phone as a PDA thanks to S60. "Imagine the possibilities"™
I believe that it will be one of the most expensive and bulky phones on the market at the time it is released but both the money and the space it requires will be sacrificed for the better cause.
Now my only hopes for a better future is an Apple developed iTunes for Series60. Or even better an Apple-Nokia phone (the new iN42 maybe ;-P ).

Friday, May 19, 2006

just came back???

well I came back from my university trip a couple of days ago but I was so tired and so busy that no blogging could be made. Anyways today we have a thing (I don't remeber quite well what that is) in a place (a bar or something) that is being organized by our first year students in the film department, and I want to go there. I hope boss won't mind if I leave a couple of hours earlier and my sister won't mind if I return home a couple of hours later.
The 10hr editing is still hovering above my head and now another job just came to life. 3000 words document for the university. I am discussing the matter with my teacher and trying to convince her that machinima is a pretty neat subject and that it is within the limits she gave us. I just contacted Paul Marino, the author of "I'm still seeing Breen" which features one of my favorite songs "So cold" by Breaking Benjamin, and he was really helpful. Might even recompress a version of the film just for me.

Friday, May 12, 2006

iTunes too????

now iTunes (which was downloading some jap learning podcasts) refuses to shutdown
WTF is going on?

iPod ghost?????

That was really weird.
it was 0:52 local time (just some mins before this post) and i was tryign to sleep. then i heard somthing weird. it was like teetoo-teetoo-teetoo-... x10 and i think it was coming from my iPod (a 4G that is). it was really low in volume but in the total silence of the night it was like those little voices, you hear it but not 100% sure
anyways when i got to my feet and i touched the desk (on which the iPod from hell was sited) it stopped
what really freaks me though is that the last time (5 days ago) i heard something like that it was shorter and i think the iPod screen flashed 4-5 times

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

FootTrack review

Last month I was searching for a good video manager that can do capture, has keywords and does logging (like FCP does).
Yesterday, by chance, I found about FootTrack and gave it a try. My experience was mostly good, it did afterall what it said it does but some features are yet to be implemented.
For example HD capture is not supported and logging -> export to FCP does not work properly. There is no log and capture direclty to MPEG4 either.
The good news however is that it does wonders for iMovie projects (most of my personal ones) and has a very handy backup feature.

5/5 for personal projects
2/5 for profesional use

Sunday, May 07, 2006

9hrs of unsorted video to edit :(

9 whole hours that is. and I have to come up with a very good hour that includes all the best we shot. Well it isn't as simple as it sounds to be, but thankfully I got some help on the way (thx to Apple).
BTW I just found out that Log & Capture in FinalCut needs 5 secs before the actuall start and a couple of secs at the end, so anyone using it be careful or you might not be able to capture ur logged data. And with HDV footage (MPEG-2 encoded that is) thing go crazy.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

in Concert

At Thursday I went with my co-workers (Urban productions) to record a concert at one of the best places that hold concert here in Thessaloniki.
It was awesome, but being my first time in real shooting where everything happens only one time (and time can't go back) I needed to be on my toes for 6 straight hours (4 was the concert and 2 backstage).
The next day I was a wreck but a happy wreck. I got the editing for the concert.
well, almost yay cause editing a concert shot with 3 cams is a LOT of work.

Monday, March 06, 2006

More student videos

Here you can watch some more of the videos the other students in the university did

Monday, February 13, 2006

Watch my movie!

This is my movie for the university. It is only 5megs in size but has no subtitles, so if you do not understand Greek you may not understand what's going on.
I will accept ALL comments

Shooting -> finished

we finished shooting and now I'm trying to edit the stuff.
The weapon of choice for the shooting was a Sony FX1E and the footage is recorded at a 1080i PAL format. Trying to capture the stuff in my 12" iBook I was surprised by the fact that it really worked. I was really blown away.
I knew that Apple makes miracles, but this was a $1200 laptop doing something only a $2000 PC could do.

Unfortunately I had some sortage of hardware horsepower, so I couldn't capture in HDV, only in Apple intermediate codec. The only con about the second is that the conversion needed makes "Log and capture" impossible.
In other words, I need to capture all 100 minutes and then start deleting, instead of reviewing them and then selecting which parts to capture, resulting in less disk space used.
I also tried logging in DV and then capturing in Apple's intermediate, but it didn't work.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Night of shotting

Yesterday we shot the 1st part of the short movie of a friend of mine at my apartment. There where 8 people there (for a student movie that's average/many). It was really fun but also tiring. At any moment the actors shouted in their role, I waited for the other people in the building to come and complain but htankfully noone cared.
We shot 45 minutes of tape for only 1 minute of actual movie time. As far as I know this will be pretty hard for the editor of the movie, who will probably be me (damn it).
The bad news don't stop there. My house was redecorated and will stay as is untill sunday when the third and final part is going to be shot. Well it's really funny to live in a house full of movie making equipment but a little disturbing too.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

by the way

I had another blog running, and it got discontinued

Ladies and gentlemen we are floating in space

Yeah baby,
after so many months, I got the Internet back up and "running" at home.
Having ADSL, that is unhindered Internet connection, in Greece, well it is almost a priviledge. I got the 512/128 sollution (the only higher available to the public is 1024/256, to which I 'll upgrade in 12 months for free), and am really happy. Especially because a friend of mine, a very competitive one, got the 384/128 one.

Time to download the Intenet... muahahahahaaa......

Monday, February 06, 2006

first contact

My first post during the lengthy exams of my second year in the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, learning the art of making movies.
I just finished my 3min long movie for "homework" and am now authoring the DVD.
Thanks god for iDVD I finished in under 5min and now I wait for the encoding...